Janel Sterbentz


My main passion in filmmaking is getting good info out there to help people and the planet, for a better future for our kids, and a better life for those struggling. Unbeatable prices, quick turnaround.











Toni Mikulka

toniToni “Tone” Mikulka is inspired by the spontaneous magic of videography in film making. By becoming observer and living in the moment through a lens, she grasps viewers attention with a perspective featuring clean shots and creative angles. She is bold and fearless with a camera in her hands. Her ultimate goal is to bring a visual mix that meets the goals of the client, ensuring every shot and requested angle is achieved, but also keeping the videography fresh and alive. Aside from being behind the lens, Toni soars as a creative individual in dramatic fine arts. Contact: 201-937-1552





Red Bull Creation Filming San Francisco


GreenEdge mobile photo studio product shoot





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